5 Awesome Deals to Grab With the Steam Autumnal Sale

Sales, Sales, Sales

It’s that time of year again. The Black Friday sales are upon us. Of course the video game world is of no exception. Steam is jumping in on the sales until the 29th of November. Importantly the Autumnal sale is giving the opportunity for gamers to add to their collections in a major way. From FPS adventures, to narrative rich games, and more. Now is the chance to jump on these deals before it is too late. 

Of course, there are more deals then the average gamer may know what to do with. Yet, that’s where COGconnected comes in. We have grabbed 5 awesome deals for gamers of every variety to enjoy. Keep reading to see what the Autumnal Sale has in store for you. Below are the deals, as well as some details about the games, maybe something will catch your eye. Maybe you can add a few of these deals to your own collection. Without further ado dive into these Autumnal Deals. 

1. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition 

Those looking for an action RPG with a unique setting should look no further. For those who are looking to jump into the award winning game world of Horizon, look no further. During the Autumnal Sale new fans are able to grab Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for 60% off. Of course, this means players can begin their own journey alongside Aloy. 

Autumnal Game Deals

For those unaware, Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of a young woman, Aloy, long after the fall of humanity. In this future Earth, machines rule the wilds and humanity is reduced back to tribalism. Of course, the game features beautiful graphics, intense action combat, and RPG-like progression that is sure to appeal to anyone craving an action-packed adventure. 

Additionally, the sale provides the perfect opportunity for anyone just wanting to dive into Horizon. Especially with the release of the second game, those who have yet to play the first have a great opportunity. Don’t miss out on the terrific start to Aloy’s adventure. Now for just $23.99. 

2. Far Cry Franchise Bundle 

Perhaps one of the most impressive deals on for the Autumnal sales on Steam is the Far Cry Franchise deal. Featuring every single game in the FPS adventure series, the deal is currently 80% off. Of course, this means you will be purchasing eight full games for just over $50. 

Far Cry 5 Deals

If you’ve never played a Far Cry game before this couldn’t be a better opportunity. Play through them all as you advance from a simple action shooter, to the added RPG elements. Of course, each will give you their own adventure, setting, weapons, characters, and more. From Far Cry 3’s island adventure featuring the insane, fan favorite villain, Vaas to taking on a cult in Far Cry 5. Players should strap in and be ready for high adrenaline action. 

As far as deals go it’s hard to find a better one honestly. Not only do you get eight games. You also get the complete series from the start. Each providing countless hours of fun. 

3. Hades

If you are a fan of roguelike games and have yet to play the groundbreaking game Hades, now is your chance. The first game to win win a Hugo Award, Hades is a masterwork in storytelling, action, and addictive gameplay. Of course now you can grab it for 40% off. There couldn’t be a better time to start your journey. 

Hades promo art Deals

Importantly, Hades presents players with a unique roguelike where they play as Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld. Your goal is to escape from the underworld and your father, Hades’, clutches. Yet, you won’t be doing it alone. With the help of your Olympian relatives, an arsenal of weaponry, and a whole load of upgrades, you will be attempting to escape over and over again. However, unlike many roguelikes, Hades has an overarching story that is told through your failure. Every failure gives you chance to invest in relationships with the colorful cast of characters, learn more about Zagreus’ past, and advance the story. 

Until the 29th, you have the chance to grab Hades and start your own escape from the underworld. Of course, there is countless hours of entertainment to be had, experimenting with different builds, boons and upgrades. 

4.  Civilization VI

The renowned strategy series’ newest installment is now available to you for 90% off. If you are ready to make the jump to the next step in your Civilization obsession now is the time. The game of “one more turn” is now giving you the chance to grab it at an enormous discount. Featuring the most expansive list of the greatest leaders of all time, Civilization VI offer many new ways to play. 

pc game deals

Of course, the game offers a massive roster of nations to play as. However, it also aims to provide the most cohesive civilization experience to date. Featuring new systems, new win conditions, new technologies and more. The game aims to provide players with a challenging and addicting gameplay with many new characters to experiment with. 

Furthermore, at the price, now would be the perfect time for new players to jump into the game. If you are a fan of grand strategy games, this would be the perfect dive into the Civilization franchise for you. Prepare for the most addicting strategy game ever and jump in now with a 90% discount. 

5. Kena: Bridge of Spirits 

An award winning experience is now available with a huge discount. Kena: Bridge of Spirits provides players with an action-based story with fast paced combat. Now, players can experience the game  50% off. There hasn’t been a better time to join in on this adventure. Featuring unique mechanics, beautiful art style, and a enthralling story, Kena is a game worth the hype. 

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Deals

Players join Kena and her spirit companion Rot as she seeks to free and guide spirits of a forgotten village. The game combines exploration, fast paced combat and smooth animations to create a truly unique experience. Of course, with multiple side activities, outfits, secrets, and more to discover , the game offers more than just the engaging storyline. This means that there is even more fun to be had. 

Overall, now is the perfect time to start your own adventure with Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Priced at 50% off what are you waiting for? 


The Steam Autumnal Sale is only on until the 29th, so you only have a short time left. Hopefully this list gave you some ideas for games to grab. Importantly, you need to go check out the sales for yourself. Let us know in the comments of any games you grabbed. Of course you can also connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to check out COGconnected often for more deals on video games and gear. Remember, it’s dangerous to go on adventures alone. Make sure you share us with you friends and fellow gamers.