Ubisoft & HitRecord Asking Fans to Collaborate on Watch Dogs Legion Songs

Watch Dogs Legion Could Feature Some Fanmade Songs

Ubisoft & HitRecord recently announced that interested fans can help Ubisoft work on 10 original songs for Watch Dogs Legion. According to the announcement, fans whose songs are picked will get paid along with getting their names in the credits.

Watch Dogs Legion

Additionally, the final song picks will be finalized this fall and Ubisoft expects “the first round of Payment Proposals” for the collaboration to become available in January 2020. Details about how payment will work can be found in this YouTube video.

Anyone who wants to contribute should know that they can’t “remix and use assets directly from Watch Dogs” since this project is about creating original music for Legion.

“Of course, you can create original music inspired by the game world,” the announcement explained, “but you cannot remix and use assets directly from Watch Dogs (for example, you cannot take the music from the trailer and remix it). As always, you can browse through HitRecord and download any piece of audio contributed to the site, then put your own spin on it by remixing it and reuploading the result.”

When Ubisoft & HitRecord announced a fan collaboration project for Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3 2018, both companies were heavily criticized by those who saw the project as exploitative of fans. Notably, this latest collaboration project wasn’t announced onstage at E3 2019 during Watch Dogs Legion’s reveal.

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