Dragon Quest Devs Interested in Dragon Quest IX Remake

Nothing Official Just Yet

Now that it’s been ten whole years since the release of Dragon Quest IX, we’re ripe and ready for a remake. Or at least, some of the developers think so. A recent livestream revealed some genuine interest in bringing the DS Dragon Quest game to the Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest IX Remake

DQIX, developed by Square Enix and Level-5, was theĀ  first major departure from tradition for the lauded franchise. There was a stronger focus on multiplayer, post-game content, and customization than one normally sees in a Dragon Quest game. All of these features would go over like gangbusters in 2019. All it needs is a portable system like the Switch, and a graphical paint job.

What better engine for such a thing than the one used for Dragon Quest XI? With such a sexy system already fired up and ready to go, development time would be measured in months, as opposed to years. Personally, I would be more than willing to wait a little while for a new version of Dragon Quest IX. I put well over a hundred hours into the original game, and would be more than happy to dive back in. You can check out a translation of the original interview here.