Broomstick League is Inspired by Quidditch

Zip Around the Skies With Broomstick League

Virtual Basement LLC is developing an aerial competition, magical sports title akin to Harry Potter’s infamous broomstick sport: Quidditch. Quidditch hasn’t been appreciated to this level in gaming since 2003 with Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup and Broomstick League will likely fill the void that its absence has left. Apparently it’s strictly PvP as gamers can 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 with their friends or randoms through online matchmaking.

Broomstick League

Fans of Quidditch and magic can get their hands on Broomstick League through Steam Early Access in Q1 2020. Similar to Rocket League cars, the broomsticks in Broomstick League leave glowing trails behind them as gamers zip around the mystical arenas as they choose to either score goals or battle the giant troll. Gamers will be able to customize their characters, personalizing their ideal witch or wizard. They can also customize their wand and broomstick and perform a variety of dance moves and taunts to mess with the competition.

Magic seems more integral to Broomstick League than it is in a fair game of Quidditch as gamers can use magic to blink to a better location or blast the ball away from the opposing team. Because gamers can use magic in this spiritual successor to Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, Broomstick League evolves the concept and adds more strategic depth. It’s clear that although Broomstick League takes inspiration from Harry Potter’s fictional sport, it adds to the concept enough to stand on its own. The game includes a leveling progression system, stat tracking and leaderboards.

We’re big fans of Harry Potter’s Quidditch and this PC title looks like it can recapture the magic of Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup while adding fresh new concepts to it. What was your favorite house to cheer for in Harry Potter Quidditch matches? Did you ever try Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech