PVZ: Battle For Neighborville Set For October Release

Battle For Neighborville Continues the PvZ Mayhem

PopCap Games’ Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is a hybrid tower defense and shooter game similar to the previous installment, Garden Warfare. Zombies continue to battle head to head against Plants across twelve unique maps in up to 24-player matches.The newest Plants vs Zombies officially releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One October 18th for $40 but early access for the $30 Founder’s Edition owners today.

Plants Vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville

The Founder’s Edition costs $30 and will include fresh and exclusive content weekly leading to the official release of the game. Early access is also available to Origin Access Premier subscribers. Battle for Neighborville features new plants, new zombies and new locations to explore. Dave Manor acts as the new Plants vs Zombie hub area where gamers can socialize, play mini-games and check out their cosmetics. New team play classes let gamers play with their friends as they unite to take control of one character similar to how the Power Rangers come together to control the Megazord or the mech in Fornite. One of the new zombies is an 80’s action hero, Snapdragon is a fireball spewing plant, Electric Slide looks inspired by zombie Disco Stu from the Simpsons and Night Cap is a teleporting purple mushroom who’s a master of Fung Fu.

The characters of Plants vs Zombies have always been the highlight but Battle For Neighborville looks to compliment them with a more interesting world than the one in Garden Warfare. The Thunderdome is an all-new battle arena that looks like something out of Halo while Giddy Park is a colourful theme park drop zone full of chaos and fun rides. The narrative follows Dr. Zomboss as he intends to launch a lighthouse into orbit. Certain free roam parts of the game allow for the use of vehicles such as a train, submarine or flying bus.

What’s your favorite Plants vs Zombies game so far? Are you excited to try Battle for Neighborville? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt