Modern Warfare Campaign About as Long as the Others

The Campaign Length Will Feel Familiar to Veteran Modern Warfare Fans

According to Infinity Ward Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki, the campaign length of Modern Warfare is exactly in line with the previous Call of Duty campaigns. The experience varies on gameplay and how much gamers explore each map, but they can expect to get between seven and nine hours out of the campaign experience. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on October 25th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC but has an upcoming beta across all the platforms and PS4 gamers have already seen a taste of it with the alpha.

Modern Warfare

“It varies greatly. The length of this campaign is exactly in line with the lengths of what you would expect in a contemporary Call of Duty campaign,” said Taylor Kurosaki about the campaign specifically. Apparently writing for each character was a collaborative experience between internal teams at Infinity Ward and the missions are developed alongside the narrative. As missions were produced, some narrative changes were made and vice versa which shows the coordination between teams and their ability to adapt. As with previous Modern Warfare games, Infinity Ward worked alongside with veterans of war which results in treating the experience a lot more seriously than the futuristic titles because of the real themes being addressed. “We are keeping true to the spirit of the original trilogy, but we are not abiding by the specific events of the original trilogy,” said Taylor Kurosaki about the all-new missions in the campaign that won’t just take old concepts and update the setting.

A single-player demo isn’t expected because the primary focus of the pre-launch experiences is multiplayer, giving Activision an idea of how much traffic the servers can expect to see. Campaign is a single player experience and won’t feature any split screen but gamers will be able to play split screen multiplayer. Taylor Kurosaki said gamers can expect to see more gameplay from the single player campaign very soon and beta access will begin starting September 12th on PS4.

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Source: Gaming Bolt