Pokemon Masters Stealth Dropped on Mobile

The Mobile Game Pokemon Masters Released Without Warning

Without notice, The Pokemon Company and DeNa have stealth launched their mobile Pokemon game, Pokemon Masters which is available now on Android and iOS. The mobile Pokemon game takes place on an artificial island called Pasio where gamers will challenge recognizable trainers and unforgettable gym leaders from across the entire Pokemon franchise. Players will need to obtain five gym badges using one of over fifteen partner Pokemon known as Sync Pairs.

Pokemon Masters

The battles in Pokemon Masters are three versus three, allowing more strategic options than a typical one-on-one battle where trainers typically switch Pokemon for the best advantage. Pokemon Masters was originally intended to release on August 29th but the game is available a day early, much to the delight of Pokemon trainers around the world. Sync Pairs show a deeper connection between trainers and Pokemon, good examples of the one’s we’ve seen are Misty with Starmie, Brock with Onix and Korrina and Lucario. Apparently a Sync Pair is the trainer and their chosen Pokemon as opposed to Pokemon that are swapped in and out of a team such as Pikachu and Eevee in the Nintendo Switch Let’s Go! games.

Pre-registration data from DeNa showed that several million trainers already applied for Pokemon Masters weeks ahead of the one day early release. DeNA is best known for other mobile Nintendo games such as Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes. Because DeNa and Niantic are separate entities working on separate Pokemon games, neither will interfere with each other. This is a trend expected to continue with the other upcoming mobile Pokemon installments.

What are some of your favorite Pokemon? Do you have a specific type you prefer? Are you downloading Pokemon Masters as soon as possible? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twinfinite