The Pokemon Company and Tencent Join Forces

What Other Innovations Can The Pokemon Company and Tencent Offer the Pokemon Franchise?

Pokemon fans were graced with an announcement in May about Pokemon Mobile games Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Masters coming out soon but The Pokemon Company is not stopping there. The Pokemon Company and Chinese entertainment company Tencent have announced a partnership to make more Pokemon games for PC and Mobile.

Tencent and The Pokemon Company are Ready to Show Us Their Version of Pokemon

Not only does Tencent own the publishing rights to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and League of Legends in China but they also made a name for themselves with games like Honor of Kings, also known as Arena of Valor. Tencent also has an impressive 40% stake in Epic Games, the powerhouse developer behind Fortnite.  It’s fair to say that Tencent is worthy of Pokemon after all they’ve accomplished. The partnership between The Pokemon Company and Tencent began with bringing the Switch to China and the success they’re seeing from that must have inspired this announcement.

This partnership is sure to produce many more Pokemon games for fans to delight in but no games have been announced yet. Fans of Niantic’s Pokemon Go have recently been met with an update that includes a huge crossover event with One Piece, the well known Shonen Jump pirate anime. Certain Pokestops feature One Piece characters and for a limited time you can catch an adorable straw hat Pikachu. Be sure to check out the limited time crossover event before it’s over on July 29th. Overhauls to the appraisal system are among other new changes made in the update.

Are you excited for one of the new Pokemon Mobile games or are you just anticipating Pokemon Sword and Shield? What do you want Tencent to add to the Pokemon franchise? Let us know in the comments below and look out for updates on this wonderful partnership!

Source: Dualshockers