Fan Anger About Pokemon Sword & Shield Reaching New Heights

Apologies Not Accepted, Game Freak

People are real mad about Pokemon Sword and Shield. In fact, they’ve been mad ever since the national dex announcement. Not even a recently-uncovered interview in Famitsu has done anything to assuage the burning fan anger in any way. People want all 1000 pokemon in this new game, and damn the consequences!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer

The latest look at Game Freak’s response highlights their apologetic response to the current controversy. According to the interview in question, they had to scratch all the character model data accumulated up to this point and start fresh. Between this and the animations, the various maxing skills, and the challenges in making a new game, they elected to limit how many pokemon players could catch. Makes sense, right?

Well, no. Not according to a large segment of the fanbase. People have pointed to datamining, arguing that these new models are the old models after all. At least, they’ve been the same models from X/Y all the way up to the Let’s Go games on the Nintendo Switch. In other words, the fans feel cheated, and they’re looking for somewhere to direct their frustrations. In any case, we’ll know more once Sword and Shield are released this November.