Persona Series Achieves 10 Million Milestone

After Nearly Two Decades, Persona Series Reaches 10 Million

Sega recently confirmed that the Persona series achieved a 10 million lifetime over it’s twenty-three years of existence. According to the Sega Sammy annual report, released in October 2018, Persona had narrowly passed 9.3 million; ultimately resulting in the shipments of another 700,000 units within ten months. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is a recent contributor to these sales figures, selling 80,000 units in Japan and Persona 5 Royal is launching exclusively on PS4 in Japan on October 31st. Persona 5 Royal will release in Spring 2020 for the west which will further contribute to the success Persona has found.

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During the ten million milestone announcement, Atlus announced a Persona 5 Royal celebration event that will include live gameplay, more information about the upcoming title and a concert performed by singer Lyn. The event is called the Persona 5 Royal Completion Announcement Premiere and it begins following the release of the anime “Proof of Justice.” Atlus and Sega have even more to celebrate at the announcement premiere with the news that the Persona franchise has exceeded ten million copies sold. We hope that the success the Persona series has achieved will encourage more developers to consider bringing more JRPG’s to the west.

Persona 5 has seen the most success in the franchise, already exceeding 2.7 million copies shipped worldwide as of April 2019, after nearly three years after it released. Persona 5 also debuted with the most success in North America in the series’ history. We really liked the story and combat of Persona 5 and encourage you to check out our review to see if the Persona series is worth checking out for you.

Are you one of the ten million Persona fans? What is your favorite Persona game? Are there any Atlus games that have caught your interests over the years? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Persona Central