Respawn Offers Details On Second Season Pass

New Season Pass Should Respawn Game’s Player Base

EA and Respawn’s Battle Royale baby Apex Legends has seen a bit of a recession in player retention and profit recently, but the developer is making the effort to ensure that Season 2 is more than a “slow and steady grind.”

Apex Legends Season 2

Respawn is keeping the main bulk of information under lock and key until EA Play on June 8th, but they revealed a taste of what’s to come in today’s blog post to show players that they’re “headed in the right direction.”

The primary improvement is set to be the reduced completion time for Season 2, compared to Season 1. Passes will come with new daily and weekly challenges that contribute to player XP, which should sound familiar to anyone who has bought a battle pass from any of the other offering titles in vogue right now.

Additionally, three new types of content will be replacing the unpopular badges and basic stat trackers in the Pass’s premium lane, and extra crafting materials will be taking the place of voice lines, to allow for easier crafting of legendary items.

Three new legendary skins will be available throughout the course of the pass, making one available at levels 1, 25, 50, 75, and 100. Also, players who reach level 100 will be rewarded with an evolving weapon skin that gets a unique recolour at level 110.

But before all that, Apex Legends will be having its first limited-time event called The Legendary Hunt, complete with special activities, new Rare, Epic and Legendary skins. Plus, a new set of Legendary Hunt skins will be rotating in the store. There’s also set to be a Double XP weekend from Friday, June 7th, to Monday, June 10th. Players who finish in the top 5 of any match will earn an entire level of progress on their Battle Pass, but only once per day during the event

On top of all that, all current Battle Pass owners can snag two free Legendary skins – those with the Wild Frontier pass receives the Honored Prey R-301 skin and those who reach level 15 prior to the end of the event will receive the Wraith Night Terror skin.

Apex Legends is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can check out the full details from the horse’s mouth right here!

SOURCE: Apex Legends