From out of Nowhere! – BioWare Showcases Anthem Cataclysm Event

BioWare Breaks the Silence

After seemingly being abandoned, new Anthem content was shown off today by developer BioWare. The Anthem Cataclysm event was featured on Anthem’s Twitch channel for about half an hour. From BioWare, Ben Irving and Jesse Anderson give viewers a basic tour of the new area and demo of the event. But what is the event? The Cataclysm will last for 8 weeks. The first two weeks are what BioWare calls “Pre-events” followed by six more weeks of content continually being added. When participating in the Cataclysm, players will be competing against each other indirectly via scoring and a leaderboard system.

Anthem Cataclysm Event

The Cataclysm event has a story made to come as endgame content. The two weeks of pre-events will set up the story for players. Irving and Anderson did not elaborate on the story, obviously to not spoil it. The Cataclysm itself is a storm that the players have to navigate through during the event. The storm is volatile and damages the players who spend too much time in it. As they demo the event, Anderson and Irving find what is called an “Arena”. Arenas are areas where players can fight enemies and earn points. They also have orbs that activate a “safe zone” from the Cataclysm so that players do not have to take damage while they fight.
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The event has three new story missions, new loot and cosmetics at launch, as well as more loot as the event progresses. If you missed the live stream and are interested in what the Cataclysm has to offer, just watch the video above. Cataclysm does not currently have a release date, but Anthem players should keep their eyes out.

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Source: Twitch