Amazon’s Top 10 Must-Have Buys for PC Gamers this Week

Amazon’s Top 10 Must-Have Buys for PC Gamers

The theme for this week is exploration. Whether you want to explore the new world and conquer the people you encounter, delving deep into the fractured mind and fears in the hopes of saving your daughter, or simply hoping to uncover the secret criminal underground of your small mountain town, it is here and it is on one hell of a sale. Building a society in a futuristic paradise or rebuilding the world in the apocalyptic irradiated wasteland, it’s up to you but its on sale and beckoning for you to jump in. With that in mind, lets see just what kind of deals Amazon has for us this week to keep the PC gamer happy.


PC Game Deals of the Week


Sid Meier’s Civilization V Complete Edition – $29.99 ($20.00 off)

Civilization has been one of the defining constants in the world of turn based strategy games. Pitting you as a real-world country against other nations, Civilization challenges you to advance through the various ages of man and try to lead the world either through peace or war. In fact, we enjoyed Civilization V’s expansion so much it garnered quite a high score.

Civ 5


The Evil Within 2 – $18.74 ($21.25 off)

One of the more intense and cerebral games to come out in quite some time, The Evil Within 2 sends you deep into a fractured mind riddled with guilt and horror in an incredibly disturbing and intensely satisfying experience. This was a game we had a blast delving into, despite all the crippling shivers and shudders we had to endure during its review.


Fallout 76 – $38.90 ($21.09 off)

It may have had – quite – a rocky start, but Bethesda has been pumping out content and plans to continually build on the world of Fallout 76. It may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy the gameplay of Fallout with online social features and an evolving world, this might just be a good chance to step into the wasteland.

Fallout 76 Glitch


South Park: The Fractured But Whole – $10.97 ($49.02 off)

From the creators of one of the longest running raunchy cartoons, the boys are back in town! The Fractured But Whole continues the story from Stick of Truth and shifts gears from middle earth to superheroes in this heavily turn based tactical RPG experience with explosive flatulence and unnecessary violence!

South Park

Anno 2205 – $14.98 ($45.01 off)

Unless you are a hardcore RTS fan, you probably haven’t heard of Anno before. Ubisoft’s society building sim has had several entries to the series with Anno 2205 set in the distance future. If you love constructing your society and ascending your people to a state of near-godhood, this just might be the title for you, especially with the additional free content.

PC Accessory Deals of the Week

We all need to keep on top of the gear we use – after all, we can only be as good as the tools we use, right? What we have here is a varied selection of gear for your viewing pleasure ranging from some nice headsets, one hell of a unique one handed keyboard, and even a compact gaming desk! As you can see these are all listed at fantastic savings so take your time and look each of them over closely!

CORSAIR Void Pro RGB USB Gaming Headset – $59.99 ($20.00 off)

Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – $110.36 ($69.63 off)

Atlantic Gaming Desk – $103.58 ($46.41 off)

CORSAIR HS60 Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset – $49.99 ($20.00 off)

ACGAM RGB Programmable Special Gaming Keyboard – $69.95 ($30.05 off)

What do you think of the sales this week? Did we miss anything big? Are you planning on grabbing anything? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below, and be sure to check out our post from yesterday about the top console game sales!