Fallout 76’s Wild Appalachia Update Has Launched for Free

You Can Dive Back Into Fallout 76 With This New Update

After a bit of a delay, Fallout 76’s free Wild Appalachia update launched on Wednesday and added a couple of new features to the post-apocalyptic multiplayer game.

Here’s a full list of those features, per a press release:

  • New Brewing and Distilling Features
  • A New Seasonal Event – Fasnacht Parade
  • Survival Mode
  • New C.A.M.P. Features – C.A.M.P. Decorating, Player Vending, Functional Camera 
  • Legendary Vendor and Scrapping
  • New Quests: Shear Terror! and Ever Upwards

Also, according to the press release, Bethesda is planning on releasing a few patches that aim to bring balance changes and introduce “new features such as player reporting and challenge tracking” to Fallout 76.

Fallout 76

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“While I applaud taking a chance on a crazy idea, Fallout 76 would undoubtedly have been a better and more engaging experience as a traditional open world RPG,” the review’s author wrote. “As it stands, this is a broken, unfun, and repetitive title that I can’t recommend. And that hurts me to say.”

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Source: Press release