Microsoft App Allows You to Stream PC Games to an Xbox One

Wireless Display App Also Includes Support for an Xbox One Wireless Controller

Microsoft now allows for PC games to be streamed directly to an Xbox One game console via a newly updated app.


The free Wireless Display app from Microsoft is now available to download from the Xbox One app store. With it, you can stream your Steam games or other titles straight to an Xbox One and play them using a standard Xbox One controller.

The Wireless Display app uses Miracast to create a connection between your PC and game console. You can start casting by pressing the winkey + P combination. In addition to playing games, the app can be used to stream videos or even use the console as a presentation device. Users can easily share photos, videos, websites, and more to their console by using the Wireless Display app.

While streaming video content is an ideal solution for many people, Microsoft makes it clear that “projecting protected content, like Netflix and Hulu are not supported.”

The Microsoft Wireless Display app has been around for testers for a couple of months now but under different names. Previous names were Connect on Windows and Surface Hub. After many updates — including keyboard, mouse, touch, and stylus support — the app has been made public for everyone to use.

As it stands, Microsoft has only enabled controller support, so those wishing for keyboard and mouse support to play their Steam games will have to continue waiting until it is enabled. The Xbox One was updated last year to support keyboard and mouse so hopefully, the wait isn’t too long. They also revealed an exclusive keyboard and mouse combo for the console coming from Razer earlier this year.

Are you anxious to try streaming your PC games? Let us know how it goes in the comments section down below.