Lightstream Acquires Tech That Provides Streaming Analytics

Lightstream Aims to Make It Easier for Streamers to Build an Audience

Lightstream, a Chicago-based live-streaming tech company, announced on Thursday that it has acquired, which is a tool that allows streamers to analyze their viewership statistics.


“We started Lightstream to simplify that first step in the creative journey by making streaming easier,” said the CEO of Lightstream, Stu Grubbs. “The second step is learning to identify and grow your audience. With the acquisition of Arsenal, we begin to help content creators optimize their stream, understand their audience, and what content is working for their channel. Arsenal is the only intuitive analytics platform that delivers its data in a smart, easy-to-understand way so that brands and streamers can really put the information to work.”

According to a press release, Arsenal has these features for streamers to use: “broadcast details with breakdowns by game, usual time and day of broadcasts, growth and viewership metrics, active days per week and averages of stream hours by day, minutes watched and viewers per broadcast.”

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Source: Press release