Remedy’s Control Launching in Summer 2019

Control Is Releasing in a Few Months

Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming supernatural shooter Control is “due out this summer”, according to a Game Informer news post published on Tuesday.

Remedy Control

When exactly in the summer Control is launching hasn’t been revealed yet but this reveal of the game’s launch window certainly narrows things down a bit. It is unlikely that it’ll come out during June because E3 is happening that month so either July or August could be the likely launch month.

Game Informer announced in that aforementioned news post that Control would be the cover game for its April issue, which means that the outlet will have plenty of exclusive info to reveal in that upcoming issue.

We published a preview article about Control last year so go ahead and read it if you’d like to learn some info about the game. “This game looks like an expert meeting of the mundane and the incredible,” the preview’s author wrote. “[The protagonist] Jesse approaches her work with the resignation of someone duty-bound. This cosmic nightmare is her responsibility to correct, and she’s resolute in her focus on the task.”

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