343 Industries Boss Touts the Importance of Diversity

Halo Infinite Developer Says That Workplace Diversity Is Valuable

The studio head of Halo Infinite developer, 343 Industries, spoke about the importance of having a diverse workplace in a recent interview with CBS.

Halo Infinite

“Across Xbox, we are really deliberate in making sure that we have opportunities for people to play the way they want to play,” 343i head Bonnie Ross told CBS. “And that does impact diversity and gender, what you look like, what your skin color is, what size body you have. And we try and make sure that you can play how you want to play.”

“I think diversity does attract diversity,” Ross also said. “So I think we have a more diverse team than in the past, which I think the team actually really appreciates. And I also think that diverse teams do kind of create a more diverse output, diverse thinking, and innovation on where you’re going.”

Ross also spoke about the gender gap that exists in America’s computer science industry and the difficulties that come up when trying to close that gap.

“Boys and men, the numbers are moving up. We are getting a lot more into computer science. But with women and girls, it’s going down,” Ross explained. “In many times there’s not even a way where I could bring a woman into a specific job because the candidates are just not there.”

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