Devolver Digital Still Coming to E3 This Year

And by Coming, I Mean ‘Going to Blow Your Mind’

Deeply disturbed indie publisher Devolver Digital put out a tweet today to make sure you know that they’re planning on doing a “press conference” at this year’s E3.

It’s nice to see a publisher who really knows what the people want and is willing to give it to them, which in Devolver’s case is the unrelenting physical and emotional pain and suffering of our fellow man in pursuit of economic capital. In the past they’ve announced totally viable products such as LootBoxCoin, Screen Pay, and Comment Created Content, so who knows what industry revolutionizing product they’ll debut this year!

Devolver Digital E3 2017 kill man 1280

Naturally, they didn’t release any more details about the conference – I guess it’s part of their schtick. The announcement capitalizes on the recent announcement that EA won’t be having a traditional press conference at E3 this year, and neither will Sony.

SOURCE: Twitter