Picture Perfect Wastelands: Metro Exodus Launching With A Photo Mode

It’s A Gorgeous Game, After All

Really pretty games need a photo mode. Whether its pristine wilderness or picture perfect wastelands, players love making art out of their adventures. If nothing else, Metro Exodus looks like a gorgeous game. So the addition of a photo mode makes perfect sense.

metro exodus top

According to producer Jon Bloch, “Photo Mode has been one of the most requested features from the Metro community.” Who wouldn’t want to snag some sweet shots from a game that looks this good? Bloch added that photo modes are “relatively rare in first-person shooters,” but they totally shouldn’t be. After all, you’re already using the perfect angle for photography. Why not take advantage of it? Aside from the constant and immediate danger to your character’s life.

We’ll be getting four more days of announcements about the game, with Photo Mode merely acting as the appetizer. Who knows what other wonders await, though we haven’t long before we find out. Metro Exodus is coming out for PS4, PC and Xbox One on February 15th. For a better look at the game and its highlights, you can check out our preview video here. Think of it as a little location scouting before your next shoot.