Away: The Survival Series Will Bring Immersion To PlayStation 5 This Year

Immersive Documentary-Style Experiences on Next Gen Console

Breaking Walls is an independent game studio with a wealth of experience in games such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. Their most recent project is an immersive, unique experience that takes players on the journey of an animal who must survive, while every move is being narrated.

With five years of development time, the team has announced that Away: The Survival Series will come to PlayStation 5 in the summer, as well as simultaneous launches on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 5 version of the game will utilize the next-generation capabilities of the console by providing a better experience as it supports the highest graphical settings, Documentary Experience. It uses the console’s top notch hardware to bring a detailed and special world to life. The game will also feature a Photo Mode wherein players can freeze the sugar glider anywhere while the world continues in ambient motion. Comprehensive settings such as depth of field sliders and filters ensure that photography enthusiasts will be pleased.

In Away: The Survival Series, players are the stars of their own nature documentary as they evade predators as a sugar glider who embarks on a quest to save his family. Chasms, canopies and treetops can all be explored as the journey goes on. Along the journey, players will hunt other animals, while avoiding apex predators and solve both ancient mysteries and navigational puzzles along the way.

Breaking Walls Co-Founder was pleased to bring the game to PlayStation 5, noting, “Being able to bring AWAY to PlayStation 5 means we can realize this world in more detail than ever, offering a more immersive experience.” With a ton of experience, fans can expect a true to life nature experience in Away: The Survival Series.

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SOURCE: Press Release