Check Out This Book Dedicated To Gaming’s Best Butts

Put These Butts On Your Coffee Table

For those who like 8-bit butts and cannot abstain from telling the truth when prompted, an entire tome dedicated to gaming’s greatest glutes could be coming to a coffee table near you.

Mario's Butts Book

Things I Learned From Mario’s Butt by Laura Kate Dale (who is also a writer for Kotaku) is a 40,000 word coffee table book with artwork by Zack Flavin that looks to explore the deeper meanings of the derrieres of iconic video game characters including:

Solid Snake – Metal Gear
Meryl – Metal Gear
Johnny Suzaki – Metal Gear
Mario – Mario Series
Luigi – Mario Series
Wario – Mario Series
Donkey Kong – Mario Series
Link – The Legend of Zelda
Skull Kid – The Legend of Zelda
Sheik – The Legend of Zelda
Ganondorf – The Legend of Zelda
Tingle – The Legend of Zelda
Tracer – Overwatch
D.VA – Overwatch
Widowmaker – Overwatch
Miranda Lawson – Mass Effect
Liara T’Soni – Mass Effect
Uranus – Mass Effect
Juliet Starling – Lollypop Chainsaw
The Bloodborne Game Disc – Bloodborne
Master Chief – Halo
Cortana – Halo
Puker – Dead Space
Poison – Street Fighter
Soldier – Team Fortress 2
Ellie – Borderlands 2
The L Shaped Tetris Block – Tetris

The book is currently being crowdfunded through Unbound and as of this writing is currently at 40% of its target, and features butt reviews and insights from community personalities Zoe Quinn, Jim Sterling, Greg Miller, Justin McElroy, Brentalfloss, and more.

You can check out an excerpt and secure yourself a copy with a pledge over at the official Unbound listing. Let us know what you think the best butt in gaming is in the comments and keep it locked to COGconnected for all the latest gaming news!

SOURCE: Unbound