Riot Games Prohibits Men and Binary People from PAX West Events, Calls Critics “Manbabies”

Riot Games Are Taking Criticism Again

After taking heat for their sexist company culture, Riot Games tried to make good by restricting the first two events held in one of their PAX West room’s to “women and non-binary folks who are interested in getting into games professionally.”

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“The first two events of room 613 will be only open to women and nonbinary folks (there might be some exceptions. I will try and post on Twitter the sechedule [sic] everyday),” said Riot Games recruiter Mel “Riot swimbananas” Capperino-Garcia. “However, all the activities of the room will be open to all after 3pm, including the ‘Ask a Rito’ time.”

After facing backlash for the exclusive events, Riot Games systems designer Daniel Z. Klein attracted more controversy by calling the Reddit post that initiated the backlash a “toxic landfill” and called part of the League of Legends community “manbabies.”

In another Reddit thread, users highlighted one of Klein’s comments that told a Twitter user to “fuck off and sea lion somewhere else.”

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