After Launching on Steam, Monster Hunter: World Ships Over 10 Million Units Worldwide

Monster Hunter: World Reaches a New Sales Milestone

Monster Hunter: World, an open-world action-RPG, has shipped over 10 million units worldwide following the launch of its PC port on Steam, Capcom announced on Monday.

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The press release that made this announcement also mentioned that this new milestone brought the cumulative sales of the entire series to over 50 million units.

“Monster Hunter: World, the best-selling title in company history, achieved this 10 million-unit milestone following the titles’ PC release on the globally accessible Steam platform, allowing the game to appeal to a wider fan base spread across a greater number of regions, and in combination with continued robust sales of the home console version of the game even now, more than six months after its release,” the press release read.

Our review of the PC version of Monster Hunter: World gave it a score of 82 out of 100 and described it as “a damn good time”.

“After learning to maneuver the game’s twisted intricacies, Monster Hunter: World is really quite fun. It looks fantastic and has a great sense of style, and it’s a game about hunting giant freaking monsters,” our reviewer noted.

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