PUBG’s New Map Has a Serious, Troll-Friendly Exploit

PUBG Is Still Dealing with Glitches

The new map in PUBG’s PC version is a welcome addition, but as of this morning, there is a game-ruining exploit in the southwest region of the islands that lets players hide under the map. From here, you can ambush unsuspecting players.

The spot is located outside of a building in the village of Na Kham and can be recognized by a “pocket” in the ground between the rise in the dirt texture and the collision layer that players stand on. When players stand in the pocket, they are completely hidden and have the ability to shoot “beneath” the map, which makes it a prime location for racking up early kills on players unaware of the death trap.


It’s a serious bug that should be fixed as soon as possible, as it’s nothing but a weapon for trolls and a game-ruining exploit to average players. And with Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene’s commitment to get the game “competitive, stable, and crash-free” in 2018, it should definitely be a priority.

In the same interview, Greene also spoke on fostering the game’s mod scene.

“To add actual modding to the game is a huge task,” he said. “It means re-factoring a lot of the code base we have to make it mod-friendly. It means doing a lot of stuff to the game that we just don’t have time to do right now.”

“Until then, we want to let people mod lite with custom games. We want to give pretty fine grain control over what you can control in the game with a UI panel or what have you. So you can’t really mess with the core code, but you can create your own game modes and make unique things using our game as a platform.”

The new map, codenamed “Savage,” is currently only available for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ PC version.