PUBG Bringing Map Selection To Xbox One, but Is It Too Late?

PUBG Will Soon Have Map Selection on Xbox One

It looks like PUBG developer Bluehole is bringing map selection to Xbox One in the coming months. The feature is already available to PC players, and now an official forum announcement confirms that it will soon be available to console players as well.


“Our current plan is to have map selection available by late Summer / early Fall,” the update reads. “The final date isn’t confirmed quite yet as we are putting extra focus into improving performance first. We know this is a feature that many of our players want, so it is definitely high on our list to implement on Xbox as soon as possible.”

The announcement also covers upcoming server side updates and game mechanic tweaks, such as less apparent character position readjustment (also known as rubberbanding), less limb penetration, and hit registration tweaks.

The big question is whether the map selection (and other updates) will come in time. PUBG has been losing players, while competitor Fortnite has been enjoying massive success. In terms of finances, Fortnite players are spending a whopping five times more than PUBG players on the mobile market.

And money aside, PUBG has been hampered by glitches for its entire lifespan. Although Bluehole is obviously making an effort to fix them, by the time they do, it might be too late.

“It does have problems,” said PUBG creator Brendan Greene. “There are crashes still. There’s some rubberbanding. But these are problems we’re working to fix. It’s a marathon for us.”

“We’re trying to build a competitive game here for a future possible esport or a platform on which esports can happen,” he concluded. “That’s our priority here: to get the game competitive, stable, and crash-free.”