Gears 5 to Feature a Scary New Enemy That Will Be “Your Worst Nightmare”

New Enemy Type for Gears 5 Will Be “Your Worst Nightmare”

A couple weeks ago, The Coalition revealed a new enemy for Gears 5, a dual axe wielding beast called the Warden. It looks like they’re not done yet bringing badass enemies to the game, as they’ve shared another enemy type that is set to be an absolute nightmare for players.  developers The Coalition gave details on a new enemy type that players will be facing in Gears 5– the dual glowing axe wielding Warden. Now, they’ve revealed yet another enemy type in the game through a short GIF on Twitter.

gears 5

On the official Gears 5 Twitter page this new enemy was revealed through a short GIF. Okay, so we might’ve caught a quick glimpse of them during the game’s awesome reveal trailer at E3 2018, however this gives us an up close and personal view of their capabilities. The enemy is called the Swarm Flock, which is a swarm of flying ‘leeches’. Here’s what the tweet had to say about them, “The Swarm Flock – a flying group of Swarm Leeches – will be your worst nightmare.” Damn, that’s intense. You can check them out in action below.

As suggested by the GIF above, it seems they might be exactly as described, a nightmare, as it appears their movement is fairly unpredictable and it looks like they do a ton of damage. As of right now Gears 5 doesn’t have a release date, though it is expected to launch sometime next year for Xbox One and PC. So what do you think about this new type of enemy? Are you thinking about some sweet maneuver to avoid their deadly grasp? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!