Gears 5 Developer Reveals an Exciting, yet Menacing New Enemy

Gears 5 Developer Unveils a Dangerous New Adversary

Microsoft announced three new Gears games during their E3 2018 press conference, one of which was Gears 5. At the time, The Coalition revealed very little information, though more is pouring in little by little. Just a couple of weeks ago the developers revealed a new character that would be joining the team and now they’ve just teased a scary new foe.

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In a recent post on their official Twitter account, The Coalition unveiled a dangerous new enemy called the Warden. Apparently this adversary can be absolutely devastating when you get up close and personal. Here’s what the post had to say, “Don’t get close to this one. The heavily armored Warden wields two deadly crystalized axes that pack a punch.” You can check out the post below, complete with a quick look at his weapons in action.

If you think the Warden looks familiar it’s because we caught a glimpse of him in the reveal trailer of Gears 5, though at the time we didn’t know what he was called. The Warden is a character that’s built for close-range combat, so it’s likely that us that your Lancer’s chainsaw blade might not be too effective against him. Seems like a pretty fun challenge if you ask me. At this point it’s unknown how many of these Warden’s players will have to face, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

As of right now Gears 5 doesn’t have a release date, though it is expected to launch sometime next year for Xbox One and PC. Are you excited about this new enemy? Are you thinking of a clever strategy to defeat him already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!