Gears 5 Shows Off New Character and Lancer Model

New Friends and New Guns in Gears 5

Microsoft announced three new Gears games during their E3 2018 conference, one of which was the latest main series entry, Gears 5. The Coalition revealed very little information aside from players taking on the role of Kait Diaz, and the reason they dropped “of War” from the title, but now they’ve decided to reveal a new character and a new version of the series’ iconic Lancer gun.

Our new exceptionally buff friend on the left, Fahz Chutani, looks a lot like a meaner, cooler, more useful version of the original trilogy’s Dom, with his cute little mohawk. The lancer he’s holding is the new model in question, and fans are speculating that it could have some kind of grenade launcher attachment on it. Perhaps a bit more effective for taking out hordes of the Swarm, but nowhere near as satisfying and exciting as a chainsaw.

Gears 5

Gears 5 was announced alongside a Gears POP! mobile game, as well as an RTS for PC named Gears Tactics. There’s no release window set for any of these titles yet, but the safest bet would likely be late 2019 for Gears 5 on Xbox One.

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