Upcoming PUBG Update Adds New Map ‘Sanhok’

PUBG Heads to the Tropics

A new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is set to launch on Friday and it’ll add a new tropical map named “Sanhok” along with several other new features & bug fixes.

While Sanhok is smaller than other PUBG maps (such as Miramar or Erangel), it still has dynamic weather and also has its own unique changes to how the infamous bluezone & redzone circles work. The former is dynamic and has shorter waiting times along with longer travel times while the latter is smaller and “shorter-lasting”.

The update also adds a Sanhok-exclusive weapon called the QBZ, an assault rifle with a default 30-round magazine that can be upgraded to hold 40 rounds. There’s also some gameplay changes such as when the player is looking down the sights of their firearm, they won’t instantly be accurate until their sights are aligned.


Also, victorious players will be able to celebrate for eight seconds before the match ends and players will be able to pelt each other with apples while waiting in the in-game lobby to board the plane.

The UI will be updated and a map playlist that includes the other two maps will also be added to the game. The full list of the update’s features can be read here.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently available on the PC, Android, iOS & Xbox One.