New Death’s Gambit Trailer Is Pure Pixelated Metal

Adult Swim Games Bringing Brutal Back This August

Not enough video games are stylized like death metal videos. Specifically, not enough games have that high fantasy brutality I’ve come to know and love. Thankfully, Death’s Gambit is coming, courtesy of White Rabbit and Adult Swim Games, to fill that niche.

Death's Gambit

The game starts out with you, real dead, being resurrected in order to do Death’s bidding. I’m not sure what you’re doing for Death, aside from kicking demon ass and careening around with a grappling hook. Not that you need much more to do than that. Maybe you’re killing all of the Immortals in Siradon? There’s also a healthy does of weapon customization and exploration in store, but thankfully no roguelite nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, roguelites can be tons of fun! There’s just something magical about a more traditional challenge.

The game looks brutally difficult, which is nicely in theme with the motifs at work. If you’re going to get murdered over and over in the service of Death, it might as well look properly metal while it’s happening. Death’s Gambit is coming to PC and PS4 on August 14th, 2018. Meanwhile, you can check out the aforementioned gameplay trailer below. I’m not sold on the initial animation style, but the rock-solid pixel art gameplay more than makes up for it.

SOURCE: Press Release