Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter World Combine for New In-Game Event

It’s a New Capcom Collaboration

Dante of Capcom’s Devil May Cry franchise is entering Monster Hunter World. And no, this isn’t the character from the DmC reboot. This is the tried and true, pizza-loving Dante many gamers have come to know and love.

Like with the Horizon: Zero Dawn and Street Fighter collaborations, Monster Hunter World will give players the opportunity to obtain a new skin in the form of Dante. While the details have yet to be revealed, collaborative characters usually enter the game in the form of skins. Therefore, it’s safe to speculate the Capcom will introduce a new in-game event in Monster Hunter that will allow players to acquire the skin as armor. And just like previous skins, it will more than likely be available in one piece that covers every armor slot.

horizon zero dawn meets monster hunter world

Furthermore, Dante’s sword, Rebellion, will be available as a reskinned Charge Blade. As for the dual pistols, I have no idea how those will function in the game.Stay tuned on March 14th, where Capcom will unravel yet more details on upcoming changes to Monster Hunter World. Presumably, they will announce the release date for add-on content such as the monster Deviljho.

In related news, Capcom just released their new HD remaster of the Devil May Cry series, the review of which you can find here.