ASUS’ Line of Impressive Gaming Rigs, Laptops and Gear for Gamers is Available Now at Best Buy

ASUS is Bringing Some Serious Gaming Heat to Best Buy

Shopping for a gaming PC or laptop can be an overwhelming endeavour for all but the most experienced of gaming enthusiasts. Finding that ‘perfect PC’ can mean different things to different people and it can also mean different things to different gamers. Locking down the rig that hits all the right notes can be tricky. So where do you even start? Fortunately, PC gaming is more affordable than ever and unlike the PS4 or Xbox One console, in the PC world there is always something for everyone. Whether you are looking to purchase your first gaming laptop or for something to take your game to the next level, ASUS has you covered.

Recently, Best Buy joined forces with ASUS to promote their wide range of products, including gaming laptops, computers and smartwatches. Featuring premium and sleek design, powerful performance and superior engineering, ASUS has all the bases covered.

ASUS ROG G752VS 17.3″ Gaming Laptop, $1,999.99 Save $1,200

This laptop is all about speed and power. The ASUS ROG G752VS gaming laptop is loaded with the Intel Skylake Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics. For work or play this laptop is a beauty. Its backlit anti-ghosting keyboard not only looks great but will give you that competitive advantage at your fingertips. It’s super quiet too which is always a plus.  According to this review, the ROG G752VS sets the bar high:

“If you were considering buying a laptop with a Nvidia 980 GPU, stop. Because the G752VS OC offers gaming performance 10 to 15 percent better than last-gen systems for hundreds less. The $2,499 Asus also sports a sleek and refreshing gunmetal and copper design, a bright, 17.3-inch full-HD screen and a ton of customizable settings and overclocking utilities, thanks to the ROG Gaming Center app. As new gaming laptops with 1070 GPUs come out this fall, the G752VS OC has set a higher bar for what other laptop makers will have to beat.”

ASUS ROG G752VS 17.3" Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG GT51 Desktop PC, $5,999.99 Save $600

Okay we get it, this PC is crazy expensive but it’s a powerhouse and will serve you well for an extended period of time; at least for the next 5-7 years or so. This laptop has an aggressive design that reflects its potential. The ASUS ROC GT51 is far from an ordinary machine boasting a 4.2GHz Intel Core i7 processor and allows one-click full-core overclocking to 4.6GHz. With 64GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, it’s VR-ready as well. Check out what this reviewer said:

“When paying this much for a high-end gaming desktop, the performance offered by the Asus ROG GT51 is exactly what you’d hope for. It doesn’t quite reach the heights of the more extreme Maingear Rush X99 Super Stock or the Falcon Northwest Talon—both of which are nearly double the price—but it is more than sufficient to run anything currently on the market at maximum settings. It doesn’t have the elegance of the X99 Super Stock or the understated beauty of the Talon, but it does at least commit to a style, which is more than you can say for a lot of computers. The Talon is still the top premium gaming desktop we’ve tested, but not everyone can justify spending quite that much. The GT51 is a ready-made powerhouse that will keep you playing on high settings at 4K for years to come, and at half the price of the Talon, that makes it worthy of an Editors’ Choice.”

ASUS ROG GT51 Desktop PC


ASUS ROG Swift 27″ WQHD 165Hz 1ms GTG LED G-Sync Gaming Monitor, $849.99 Save $100

Much like the GT51, the ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 27″ G-SYNC eSports monitor is certainly a high-end purchase. If you can afford it, go for it! This monitor, that features razor-sharp detail, is aimed at the hard core competitive gamer. The overclocked refresh rate up to 165Hz delivers blur-free visuals. Whether you’re speeding down the racetrack or annihilating the enemy online, this monitor is amazing. A nice perk, you can game for hours on end with less eyestrain thanks to ASUS Eye Care technology. How cool is that?

ASUS Wireless AC1900 Dual-Band Router, $179.99 Save $40

Every gamer needs solid Wi-Fi, so your first order of business should be a top-notch router. The ASUS RT-AC1900P dual-band Wi-Fi smart router might be your answer if you are looking for a serious boost. Ultrafast 5th generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi, dual-band technology, a dual-core processor, and Broadcom TurboQAM technology all work together to deliver an amazing Wi-Fi experience in your home. Check out this user review taken directly from the Best Buy website:

“I just love this router. I used to use d-link wifi extender with my hiron router but not anymore… signal is strong. love their backend admin… easy to setup and control… parental control is superb. Not only that I may control access time for my kid I also can control content and prevent messaging that is definitely ruining our kids lifes. at the end just to add that I may automatically shutdown wifi from 12 midnight till 6am so it doesn’t affect our sleep time in any way… it is worth every single penny… thank you asus”


Asus ZenBook UX430 14″ Laptop, $799.99 Save $100

This laptop doesn’t quite measure up to the ROG but it remains a powerful portable workstation and multimedia hub. The ZenBook UX430 is smaller so it’s perfect for travel. It features a 2.5GHz i5 processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 256GB solid state drive. Plus, it offers up to 9 hours of battery life. If you’re looking for something very portable and aren’t looking to spend over $1000, the Zenbook UX430 is a great purchase.

Asus ZenBook UX430 14" Laptop


Asus ZenFone 3 64GB Smartphone, $379.99 Save $50

When you think of smartphones, ASUS isn’t the first brand that comes to mind. Equipped with a 2.0GHz octa-core Snapdragon 625 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and Adreno 506 GPU, the ASUS ZenFone 3 packs a punch and is looking to make a serious splash on the mobile phone scene. Every gamer needs a high-powered smartphone and the Zenfone 3 delivers an entertainment experience unlike you’ve probably experienced before on a smartphone. Almost all the reviews are positive for this phone. Check out what one user on Best Buy had to say:

“This is by far the best phone I’ve ever owned. Lots of storage space, runs fast without bogging down even with numerous apps running, amazing camera (even in low light), dual sim and many other great features. Very well built phone as well. Highly recommended it.”

ASUS ZenWatch 3 1.39″ Smartwatch, $299.99 Save $30

The whole idea of the smartwatch took off a couple of years ago. The Android Wear kicked things off in 2014 and the craze ramped up with the launch of the highly-anticipated Apple Watch. Much like Smartphones, many don’t think of ASUS when it comes to smartwatches… but they should. The ASUS ZenWatch 3 is a slick looking elegant watch that tracks your activity and keeps you in the loop wherever you go. It handles messages, calls, voice commands, and more. It features a 1.39″ AMOLED display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

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