Conan Exiles gets Trailer, Price, Special Edition, & Exact Release Time

Visit the World of Conan the Barbarian Like Never-Before in Conan Exiles

We are less than a week away from Funcom’s major open-world title, Conan Exiles. Starting January 31st, the game will be available at 6:00 am. That means west coast US players can download at 9PM on January 30. But Funcom was too excited to leave the news at that. In anticipation of the game’s release, Conan Exiles gets a new cinematic trailer. Watch it down below:

Just a taste of the barbaric world of Conan, players are in store for a sand-box, seamless environment facilitating either single or multiplayer adventures. Players choose how they step into dust storm, be it public or private servers.Then battle against monsters, build your character, and breathe in a savage environment

But Funcom didn’t want to make an announcement without details of Standard and new Conan Exiles- Barbarian Edition. Along with the base game, players receive access to the following:

  • Custom Conan Exiles digital comic book
  • Exclusive Conan Exiles t-shirt
  • Six digital Conan the Avenger comic books from Dark Horse Comics
    368 page, full-color, digital Conan Pen & Paper RPG Core Book from the hugely successful Kickstarter by Modiphius
  • “The Coming of Conan” eBook, 496 pages with illustrations and original Conan stories
  • The award-winning soundtracks from Age of Conan and Rise of the Godslayer, plus the brand new Conan Exiles soundtracks
  • In-game items for the Age of Conan MMO including a Savage Rhino mount
  • “The Art of Conan Exiles” digital artbook
  • And more

Standard Edition is priced at $29.99 while Barbarian Eidition is $59.99. In working with Dark Horse Comics, part of Funcom’s mission has been delivering a faithful world for Conan fans. Furthermore, delivering a title suited to newcomers, immersing as many gamers as possible in rich, pre-existing lore that’s both fun and exciting.

special edition

Expect Conan Exiles on Early Access for PC on January 31, 2017. Then find it on Xbox One Game Preview Program during Spring. So far we know there will be a PlayStation 4 version, but a release date hasn’t been announced. For more info on Conan Exiles, you can visit or visit the official Steam page.

Newcomer or fan, are you excited about the release of Conan Exiles? Comment your thoughts down below and let us know your thoughts about the latest add-ons. And for more of the latest on gaming, simply keep updated with COGconnected.

SOURCE: Press Release