Kickstarter Launched for Apocalypse Now Game

Apocalypse Now Survival Horror Title has Blessing from Francis Ford Coppola

According to a report from Craveonline, a Kickstarter has been launched for an Apocalypse Now game.

apocalypse now game

The ambitious project has been given the green light by Coppola, the film’s director. The Kickstarter is asking for a hefty $900,000 in order to complete the game. Rather than a traditional FPS or action title, the Apocalypse Now game will be survival horror. This actually makes a lot of sense, given the source material. Between the murder, torture and bizarre rituals, there’s a lot of horror already baked into the plot.

Players will be tasked with guiding Captain Benjamin Willard through the jungles of Vietnam to assassinate Colonel Kurtz. The game is described as an “interactive recreation of Willard’s journey,” wherein players with “limited resources face unspeakable terrors.”

While all this sounds just delightful, there is nothing of substance on the project page at present. That means no game footage and no concept art. Potential backers have nothing to put their faith in except for the collective portfolios of the design team. Rob Auten was a lead writer for Gears of War and the Battlefield series. Lawrence Liberty worked on Fallout: New Vegas, The Witcher and DC Universe Online. Josh Sawyer is the Design Director at Obsidian.

The staff looks appropriately impressive, but this is no guarantee of success. Even if the game is funded, the lack of concrete detail on display is disconcerting. At the very least, the project has an expected delivery date of October 2020. Surely the development team will have a demo completed by the time the next election cycle starts up. The Kickstarter page is here, for those interested in investing in this ambitious title. In the meantime we have a whole month to discover how psyched people are for an adaption of a 40-year-old war movie.

SOURCE: Craveonline