Embracer Group Acquires Dark Horse Media

Acquisition and Operation 

In an announcement today, via their website, Embracer group has announced that they will be acquiring Dark Horse Media. The game holding company hopes to open new doors for themselves by acquiring Dark Horse, a powerhouse of entertainment. Embracer group provides details from their website about the acquisition and Dark Horse’s response. 

Embracer-Dark Horse Feature

“I can’t express the excitement I feel as Dark Horse moves into this new chapter in our history.” Said Mike Richardson, founder and CEO of Dark Horse. 

Dark Horse Media is a giant. Owning more than 300 intellectual properties, according to the acquisition announcement, including company owned titles like Star Wars and The Witcher. In fact, in another piece by COGconnected, you can read about Dark Horse’s next steps into the Star Wars universe. 

However, this acquisition opens doors for Embracer Group. The company describes, in the announcement that the acquisition strengthens their transmedia capabilities. Also, Embracer describes Dark Horse’s expertise in “content development, comics publishing, and film & TV production.” 

It would appear, from how Embracer describes the acquisition, that many of the big names that Dark Horse controls are perfect for future games. Additionally, the acquisition provides Embracer with many future avenues but they assure, in the announcement, that Richardson will continue to lead Dark Horse. 

“I have to say, the future for our company has never looked brighter,” said Richardson. 

At any rate, Embracer is confident in Dark Horse. They claim that, within the media group’s large IP catalogue, there is untapped potential. The announcement speaks of the synergy between Embracer and Dark Horse leading to new games based on Dark Horse IP’s. 

As of yet, there is no information provided about the price of the acquisition. However, the transaction of the acquisition will complete in early 2022.