Gearbox Entertainment May Be Sold By Embracer Group

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Over the last few years, Swedish video game and entertainment holding company, Embracer Group has been busy. They have been buying up gaming other entertainment studios, as well as getting some big investments. Today, rumors began swirling concerning their relationship with Gearbox Entertainment.

Dan Hewitt, Chief Communications Officer of Gearbox Entertainment, emailed staff regarding their place in Embracer Group. In part, the email read “The base case is that Gearbox remains a part of Embracer. However, there are many options under consideration, including Gearbox’s transfer, taking Gearbox independent, and others. Ultimately, we’ll move ahead with whichever path is best for both Gearbox and Embracer.”

Gearbox Entertainment

Of course, nothing is official or set in stone. However, it sounds like there are several options for Gearbox. They could be sold to another holding company or maybe even break off and go independent. Though only purchased by Embracer Group in 2021. If that was in their best interest just two years ago, their priorities and needs may not have changed all that much.

If Embracer Group is indeed looking to cut Gearbox loose, that could spell bad news for the Borderlands developer. Perhaps their acquisition had not been the profit-turning purchase they had hoped for. Who knows? Time will tell… maybe. Again, maybe nothing will change at all.

Gearbox Entertainment is currently made up of Gearbox Publishing, Software, Properties, and Studios, plus Cryptic Studios, Lost Boys Interactive, and Captured Dimensions.

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