Xbox MasterCard Will Be the Credit Card of the Gamers

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Is there anything that Xbox can’t do (other than run Starfield at 60fps)? The answer is no. You can game, you can socialize, you can watch TV, and now you can finance. Today, Xbox announced their new Xbox MasterCard.

Just like every company with a credit card, Xbox incentivizes the use of their MasterCard, issued by Barclays. Money spent with the Xbox MasterCard can earn Card Points, which roughly translates to $1 per 100 points. Card Points can then be redeemed and put toward eligible digital products at

Xbox MasterCard

The bonus on Card Points on this credit card are as follows:

  • Xbox & Microsoft – Earn 5x card points on eligible products at the Microsoft Store.  
  • Streaming Services – Earn 3x card points on eligible streaming services like Netflix® and Disney+®. 
  • Dining Delivery Services – Earn 3x card points on eligible dining delivery services like Grubhub® and DoorDash®. 
  • Everyday purchases – Earn 1x card points on all other everyday purchases. 

Other benefits include:

  • A bonus of 5,000 card points (a $50 value) after their first purchase. 
  • Three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new Game Pass members after their first purchase. If they’re already a Game Pass member, they can easily gift it to a friend to play together. 
  • Choice of one of five iconic designs for their card, with the option of personalizing it with their gamertag. 
  • Flexibility of use with contactless payments and digital wallets. 
  • Free online access to cardmembers’ FICO Credit Score, which allows users to keep an eye on their credit score and receive alerts when their score has changed. 
  • $0 Fraud Liability protection, so cardmembers are not responsible for charges they didn’t authorize. 

Would you use an Xbox MasterCard? Let us know in the comments.