A New Deus Ex Game May Be in the Works

Deus Ex Devs Could Be Working on Another Game for the Series

Deus Ex fans had some very good news recently. According to some gaming industry insiders, a new game for the series is apparently already in the works. Sources have claimed that devs are currently working on a “recently rescoped  new property.

According to multiple reports, this upcoming project is “very very early” in development. This news came only several months after reports that Eidos Montreal “wants to immediately get back into Deus Ex.” 

Characters with Beards - Adam Jensen - Deus Ex-min

It was also announced today that Studio Onoma will officially be closed. The announcement came as a real surprise to Deus Ex fans, especially after it was only recently renamed from Square Enix Montreal a few weeks ago. Eidos Montreal is reportedly intact and will be the team to work on the upcoming project. In fact, several employees from Onoma are going to be transferring there.

The actor who lends his voice to Deus Ex lead character Adam Jensen seems to be in the dark about everything. “I am glad they are seemingly working on a new Deus Ex,” the actor wrote on social media. “Please stop asking me because I do not know anything about it or if Adam Jensen is even going to be a part of it.”

Should these claims turn out to be true, Elias Toufexis wants the gaming public to know that he has absolutely “zero info” about it. “I love the series,” he added. “I hope to play Jensen again.”

At the moment, devs have neither confirmed nor denied these claims about another Deus Ex game being in early development. However, this has not stopped fans of the franchise from being excited about the whole thing. After all, it has been a while since the last game in the series. Embracer Group, however, has publicly expressed their interest in carrying on with the franchise.

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