No Man’s Sky Early Impressions Surface From Copy Out in the Wild

No Man’s Sky Early Impressions

It seems like there are a few real copies of No Man’s Sky out in the wild. Despite the sale of seemingly fake copies over on eBay it looks as if one lucky user not only got his hands on an early copy but also resold it on eBay himself for a hefty profit. Due to the fraud that’s gone on it looks as if eBay actually got in on the transaction to confirm that this one was indeed a real copy. A final sale of $1250 was made (after only paying $150 himself) and NeoGAF user CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 (let’s go with Mamba for short) reluctantly parted with his precious copy. Money talks and with only 10 days to go until release it’s hard to say no to an easy $1150. Of course, this isn’t before we received some No Man’s Sky early impressions.


Despite getting rid of the copy, Mamba was able to play some of the game and left users with these very early impressions;

  1. Don’t expect mind-blowing graphics out the box
  2. Don’t expect to take off flying when the game starts. Must put in work
  3. Game was extremely smooth. No frame rate issues at all
  4. Expect to possibly not fire up another game for a while. I could tell in my short time that this game is gonna destroy some relationships and happy homes.

Again I apologize for bringing the hype this evening. I should of just kept it to myself but no way in hell did I expect this kind of offer.

I will leave you all with this picture. Be strong fellas it’s just 10 more days

No Man's Sky Early Impressions

With just over a week left to go, we’ll all be able to judge for ourselves if No Man’s Sky is truly as good as we all hope. Plagued by delays and accusations of stolen formulas this release has been a long time coming. Patience everyone, we’re almost there!