Micro Machines World Series Video Review – Start Your Tiny Engines

Micro Machines World Series Video Review

There was something so captivating about Micro Machines at the height of their popularity; the miniature, highly detailed cars you could drive around the kitchen table with one finger. Somehow their tiny size inspired us to turn every day objects into incredibly complex race tracks. Clearly it wasn’t only us kids who had that idea, because back in 1991 that very concept was turned into a video game on the original NES. 26 years later, that same child-like spirit and imagination lives on in Micro Machines World Series. Check out what we thought of the game in our video review below.

Micro Machines World Series is a top down fixed camera racing game, with players selecting from a variety of cleverly named vehicles as they race across regular, every day landscapes such as the kitchen table, pool table, garden, and more. The game features intentionally loose driving mechanics and plenty of recognizable toy brands in the background and as both hazards and barriers for the game. While the gameplay itself is very enjoyable, there is a noticeable lack of content.

Micro Machines World Series

Micro Machines World Series was released on Mac, Linux, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 30th.