Top 5 Video Games Arriving in March 2018

Detective Pikachu – 3DS – March 23

While released in Japan a couple years back, Detective Pikachu is finally releasing in other regions in March 2018. This intriguing title is an adventure title that tasks players with solving mysteries with Pikachu. The backstory of the game involves a specific Pikachu who can talk, encountering a boy who can understand him. With this, a detective duo is formed and the two look to solve mysteries regarding Pokemon in the city.

MLB The Show 18 – PS4 – March 27

Easily the best baseball video game franchise currently active, MLB The Show 18 brings America’s Pastime back to our living rooms yet again. With perhaps the best “ultimate team” mode in sports video games, MLB The Show 18 has already revealed the additions of new cards such as recent Hall of Fame inductee Vladimir Guerrero and the legendary Babe Ruth. Diamond Dynasty, alongside all the other great modes and overall gameplay, make MLB The Show perhaps the best running sports franchise now.

Far Cry 5 – PC, PS4, X1 – March 27

Quite possibly the biggest game of March 2018, Far Cry 5 looks to bring that contemporary Far Cry formula back to America. Armed with years of Ubisoft open-world and Far Cry refinement, Far Cry 5 looks to make its mark on the gaming calendar. With multiple companions and methods of approaching situations, the game looks as sharp as it has ever been. With an interesting plotline to the game, we cannot wait to hop into Hope County.

What do you think of the games coming in March 2018? Did we miss one that you are looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.