The Top 10 Indie Games to Watch for in 2017

Here are the Top 10 Indie games you need to check out in 2017

As you are no doubt aware, 2017 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest years in gaming, like ever. We’ve had some hugely-anticipated titles releasing to perfect scores, and if you’re like us, your must-play gaming list is severely backlogged. Well, it’s not just AAA titles that have us excited for the coming year – the Indie gaming scene is also red-hot, with tons of awesome projects coming down the pipe. Now sit back as we bring you the Top 10 Indie Games coming this year that you need to keep an eye on.

10. Observer – PC – Q2/Q3 2017

Described as a “cyberpunk horror” game, Observer is from Bloober team, the folks who made us crap our pants with their last horror title, Layers of Fear. Combining the creepy atmosphere we’d expect from these masters of the macabre with a glitchy holographic twist, Observer asks the¬†question “what would you do if your fears got hacked and used against you?” Well, after watching this latest gameplay trailer, the answer is we would likely cry; we would cry like little babies.

9. Aer – PS4, PC – TBA 2017

If you long to fly free through a gorgeous open world (and who doesn’t?), then Aer looks like your dream come true. You follow¬†a shapeshifting pilgrim girl named Auk as she searches for “memories of the past.” Using its low-polygon visuals to great stylish effect, Aer offers a laid-back exploration experience that makes it feel almost like a flying version of Journey. See what we mean below.

8. A Light in Chorus – PC – TBA 2017

Ok, to be honest, we are not totally sure if A Light in Chorus is coming out in 2017, but we are really hoping so. Greenlit on Steam back in 2015, this visually innovative stunner from Broken Fence Games is so fresh, so different from what you have seen before that it truly blurs the line between art and games. To describe its concept, in which you bring a world to life with points of light, wouldn’t begin to do it justice – so see for yourself in this footage:

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