10 Gaming Disappointments of 2016 That Sent the Internet Into a Rage

10 Video Game Disappointments of 2016

2016 will go down as a fantastic year for video games. From January to December, the year saw amazing games release from both major publishers and indie titles. That said, there were still plenty of low points to even out the highs, and many moments (and games themselves) were downright disappointing. Play a sad tune, and take a melancholy walk down a rather sad memory lane as COG lists off some of the most disappointing moments of 2016:

Street Fighter V’s Lack of Content

There’s a lot to like about Street Fighter V, as its actual fighting is fantastic, but that just makes the overall product all the more tragic. The fifth main entry in Capcom’s signature fighting series lacked content in a major way, and while the developer has fixed some issues since then there are still some major features missing (such as an arcade mode). So far it has been too little too late, but hopefully the publisher will learn from their mistakes going forward.

Street Fighter V Shadow Falls

PS4 Pro Games That Run Worse

Sony asked diehard players to spend $400 on an upgraded console this year, and they weren’t exactly rewarded for doing so. Many of the games with PS4 Pro support at launch looked prettier, but actually ran slightly worse than their standard PS4 counterparts. That’s simply unacceptable, and while some of the titles have been fixed by now, it’s something that Sony has to take a stand on. Their quality checking has to be better going forward, as it’s ridiculous that the more powerful system would actually provide a lesser gameplay experience.

PlayStation vr

Modern Warfare Remastered’s Limited Release

2016 had a lot of terrible business practices by publishers (such as paying extra to play games like NBA 2K17 and Forza Horizon 3 early), but the one that rubbed most gamers the wrong way was made by Activision. The remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is only available if you buy a deluxe version of Infinite Warfare, a decision that instantly drew the ire of the fanbase. Considering Infinite Warfare still sold well, it was probably a smart business choice, even if it left a lot of gamers disappointed.

Modern Warfare Remastered Top

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