10 Gaming Disappointments of 2016 That Sent the Internet Into a Rage

No Man’s Sky Missing Features

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is far from being a bad video game, but it seems like it was rushed to release. Major features have started to come via updates, and even more our on the way, which makes the game feel more like a title that is in early access rather than something that should be sold at retail right now. It hasn’t lived up to lofty expectations, and they only have the hype cycle to blame for that.

No Man's Sky Ship

The Performance of Batman: The Telltale Series

There was a time where Telltale Games could seemingly do no wrong, and the prospect of them making a Batman game was thoroughly exciting. The episodic nature of their titles would be a perfect way to show off different villains and tell different stories in the DC universe, and yet Telltale didn’t try anything that ambitious. Instead, they delivered a pretty disappointing story in a game that was filled with unacceptable technical issues.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5: City of Light Screen 2

PS4 and Xbox One UIs Continue to Suck

One of the things that have baffled me since 2013 is how bad the user interfaces are on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Browsing the game library on each system is a hassle if you own more than a few games, and there are some aspects that feel like a step backwards from the last generation of consoles. This year, both Sony and Microsoft tried to fix their UIs via system updates, and while they are better, they are still heavily flawed. Maybe 2017 will finally be the year where the consoles are easily navigable, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

psn xbox hacker

Gamers Defending Anti-Consumer Practices

It’s disappointing enough when publishers like Bethesda announce that they are not going to send review copies going forward, but it’s even more crushing when gamers defend a company’s anti-consumer practices. Sadly, this is all too common with gaming, as a strange sense of brand loyalty is often practiced. This attitude might change after they get burned a few times, but damage has already been done.

Dishonored 2

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