‘Jurassic World Alive’ Wants You to Capture Dinosaurs, Pokemon Go-Style

Create Your Own Dino Hybrids in Jurassic World Alive

Universal has announced Jurassic World Alive, a new Pokemon Go-style mobile game that involves collecting and building a dinosaur collection. iOS and Android users can pre-register now before it launches this Spring.

Similar to Pokemon Go, Jurassic World Alive is a location-based game that encourages players to get outside and discover dinosaurs around them in augmented reality. The game world looks almost exactly like Pokemon Go, but now instead of cute pocket monsters popping up, you’ll see dinosaurs instead. Certain dinosaurs will also be unique to specific locations.

However, there is one key difference between Jurassic World Alive and Pokemon Go. Jurassic World Alive won’t force people to go outside and catch dinosaurs if they don’t want to. Thanks to an in-game drone that can be deployed at any time, players can collect dinosaur DNA nearby. DNA can be used to unlock the creature or to create your very own “hybrid” creature, just like those Jurassic Park scientists that most definitely had nothing bad ever happen to them.

“There’s definitely that element of discovery, but we wanted to make it a little more flexible and also give you something to do at home,” says Chris Heatherly, Universal’s executive vice president of games.

Jurassic World Alive

You’ll also be able to pit your dinos and against other players’ dinos in battles or you can simply show off your creations to the world by taking selfies with them. Cool?

Jurassic World Alive is being developed by the Montreal-based studio Ludia who is working closely with Universal on the game. The developer previously worked on 2012’s Jurassic Park Builder and 2015’s Jurassic World: The Game. The plan is to regularly keep the game fresh with lots more dinosaurs to unlock. There will be over 100 dinosaurs to unlock at launch, but more can be expected down the line. Ludia states that “hybrid” and “super hybrid” creatures will be introduced with more advanced capabilities. These sound like Jurassic World Alive’s equivalent to legendaries.

“We really see this game as the future of the Jurassic World franchise on mobile,” says Heatherly. “This is really the first time that we have allowed you to take the dinosaurs off the island and out of our storytelling world, and into your real world.”

You can check out the official website for more details and updates.

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