Seven Knights Idle Adventure Just Received a New Update

Meet the New Heroes in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

The leading developer and publisher of first-class mobile game Netmarble just launched a new update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure. It features four new legendary heroes, two new modes, and various Lunar New Year events.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure

In this update, four new legendary heroes have joined the adventure. Rakshasa is a ranged hero who can boost the critical hit chance of defensive allies. Lee Jung excels in defense as he gains a shield equivalent to his maximum health after using taunt. Xiao can draw opponents toward her from a distance, inflicting a Silence debuff. Lastly, Medea can amplify the damage output of her allies when she attacks the Nightmare Boss Monster.

Players who have reached the final stage can also access the new Nightmare Stage mode. This update also includes the introduction of stages 9,601 through 10,400, the Tower of Infinity expansion to the 1,000th floor, and the Fang of the Glacier 10-player dungeon.

Not only that, various events are also live in celebration of the Lunar New Year. They are:

– Lunar New Year Check-In Event: Check-in for 7 days and earn a Lucky Pouch. On the 7th day, players can also receive a Seven Knights Hero Selection Ticket. The Lucky Pouch can be used to earn New Year Money, Dungeon Entry Tickets, and the Rice Cake Soup Dish item.

РSweet Valentine’s Carnival Event: Earn the Legendary Hero Bathory.

– Rate-Up Event: Get a high chance to summon Rakshasa and Xiao.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is an idle RPG based on the flagship franchise and the successor to the original Seven Knights game. It is available on both Android and IOS devices, so, give it a shot right now.