Wandering Cat Steam Page Is Officially Live Now

Eat the Best Food in Wandering Cat

Cat lovers, we have delightful news for you all! The solo indie game developer Daevis just launched the official Steam Page of his upcoming title Wandering Cat. It will be coming out sometime in Q3 of this year in Early Access. Moreover, take a look at the Steam page launch trailer below to get a glimpse of it right now.

Wandering Cat is a fantasy adventure game for cat lovers that allows you to experience the thrill of being an independent cat. The story is about a cat with no name or family, who wanders around in search of the best food in the world. This is not your ordinary cat as he can be very demanding at times. He has tasted a variety of food, but he has never found the perfect one that satisfies his palate.

However, a mysterious man saved him from danger and even offered him some excellent food. So, the cat decides to follow the man to a small village called Dofos where he is heading. This marks the beginning of an adventure full of a new and dangerous world.

He faces the challenge of adapting to a harsh, monster-filled environment teeming with peril. But finds opportunities to make new friends, experience new flavors, and discover his true place in the world.