Reign of Destiny March Update Is Live Now on Mobile Devices

Immerse Yourself in the World of Reign of Destiny

Wish Interactive Technology Limited is excited to announce the release of the March update for their popular mobile game Reign of Destiny. This gorgeous medieval palace simulation RPG offers a captivating story of revenge where your choices shape your epic tale of romance and intrigue.

Reign of Destiny

The latest update of the game brings about a new captivating storyline featuring a male protagonist. Players will get the option to either become a queen or a king upon starting the game. And they will embark on a journey to revive the empire and reclaim its former glory.

This update also includes a wide range of charming and diverse female romantic lovers, regardless of the protagonist’s gender. This includes compassionate caretakers to talented artists, savvy merchants, fierce warriors, and more. Encounter these lovely characters, foster strong bonds engage in romantic interactions.

Two new heroes Theodora and Ferdinand Magellan are also making an entrance. Collect these legendary characters to help in your journey of vengeance. As for the male romantic lovers, Lide Wohl and Ester the Iceberg are finally here to woo everyone’s hearts.

Additionally, the latest update introduces a variety of mini-games and acquires additional resources. This ranges from adorable cat-matching games to dessert merge and cocktail simulation games, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Reign of Destiny is available on mobile devices for both Android and IOS. Download the game from their respective storefront and immerse yourself in the politics and romance of the medieval age.