Super Mario Run Introduces Wonder Flowers in Toad Rally

Wonderful Things Are Happening in Super Mario Run

We have exciting news for all the mobile game lovers! Super Mario Run, the side-scrolling, auto-runner platform game for mobile devices has received a new special update. And guess what, it is bringing the ‘Wonder Flowers’ from Super Mario Bros. Wonder to the game.

Players will get to experience the magic of the Wonder Flowers in the Toad Rally mode. However, it is a limited-time event and will be live till 14 March 2024. Keep in mind that you need to update the game to Version 3.1.0 to access this latest content. Here is the official rundown of the event:

“In Toad Rally, your gauge will fill as you collect coins. Once your gauge is full, a Wonder Flower will appear, which will transform all coins into Gold Goombas!

“You can defeat Gold Goombas simply by touching them. You’ll get a stamp on your stamp card for every 50 Gold Goombas that you defeat. If you collect 20 of these stamps, you can get in-game items like a Gold Goomba Statue, Big Gold Goomba Statue, and fun buildings to decorate with!”

If you are not familiar with the ‘Wonder Flowers’, it is a new power-up in the Super Mario Bros. Wonder. A wonder effect will trigger when you collect it, causing some interesting changes in the mechanics of the game.

In Super Mario Run, the effects are more limited. You will see a lot of Goombas that can be defeated by running over them. At the end of the run, you will earn stamps based on the number of golden Goombas you’ve defeated. After unlocking several stamps, the game offers you four different statues that can be unlocked throughout the game.